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Employer Commission For Regulation Of Utilities
Job Title Inspector, Petroleum Safety (Permanent)

Role Description:

As part of the petroleum safety team, the inspector is responsible for carrying out safety case assessments and inputting into the ongoing management of compliance assurance programs for petroleum undertakings, operators and owners under the regulatory remit of the CRU. This includes carrying out audits and inspections. The inspector will also be required to undertake incident investigations and to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Petroleum Safety Framework.

The petroleum safety team is collectively responsible for the ongoing development and operation of the Petroleum Safety Framework. The team includes a regulatory manager, safety case lead, inspector and analysts. The team is supported, as necessary, by external specialist technical consultants.

The key responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•Managing and carrying out safety case assessments;
•Carrying out and reporting on onshore and offshore inspections and audits;
•Completion of technical reports and presentation of complex technical information in a clear and concise manner for a non-technical audience;
•Providing specialist technical advice on oil and gas activities;
•Inputting to the development of compliance assurance programs;
•Carrying out incident investigations;
•Inputting to regulatory enforcement actions in accordance with CRU processes;
•Reporting on and making recommendations on compliance assurance outputs including potential enforcement actions;
•Providing input into the update and development of policies/guidelines, the quality management system and internal and external procedures that comprise the Petroleum Safety Framework; and
•Mentoring staff on audits and inspections.

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Location Dublin
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