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Business Strategy And Data Analyst


Distilled Sch


Dublin 8, Dublin


About Distilled SCH. Distilled SCH consists of 3 of the most popular online marketplaces in Ireland;  Daft, DoneDeal and We are now growing our team and recruiting a Business Analyst to help us further expand our Motor & Property reach helping solve problems for our buyers and sellers. What’s the Opportunity. We are currently looking for a Motor Business Analyst on the commercial team who will be responsible for growing Distilled’s revenue and ensuring the business’ long term sustainability. The role will provide the exposure to grow quickly within the business learning from the various functional teams. Reporting to the Motor Business Owner. We are looking for hard working and motivated individuals who are passionate about solving customer’s problems, focus on data to make decisions, and have an imaginative approach to new products. What will I be doing. The Commercial Team is responsible for assessing the viability of new and existing products and identifying opportunities to further grow the business. Working closely with the management team you will also coordinate with other key business units within the company such as Product, Analytics and Marketing to ensure we are as responsive and relevant to our user needs as possible. The mindset: We are look for candidates who have: * A growth hacking mentality; Candidates are product led, data driven, and are highly creative. * An understanding of how to use vast amounts of data across various sources to make business and product prioritisation decisions. * A naturally curious mind, constantly looking for ways to tweak and optimise. * Meticulous attention to detail, not letting errors slide. * Be comfortable handling a steep learning curve. * Be passionate about helping businesses to grow. * Evidence of driving new initiatives and ideas in work or personally. * Show a desire to grow fast and move quickly. * Confident in embracing software tools to automate reporting and analysis (Tableau, Salesforce, SQL). Use analysis software to work efficiently and automatically at scale. And to train members of the team on these. * Appetite to work in a lean and agile environment. * Self-driven with fantastic organisational skills, integrity and great follow through. * Leverages data to understand our platforms in depth, identifies areas of opportunity, and executes projects to drive user growth, retention, engagement, and/or revenue of Distilled platforms. Experience and skills: * Must have strong capabilities in data analysis and presentation and show willingness to learn new data tools (Advanced Excel, Tableau, Salesforce etc. * SQL abilities preferred or willingness to learn. * Must have examples of times you have tried to go out and do something yourself in a work or personal context. Implementing initiatives you have felt strongly about. * Comprehensively understand and be able to communicate business and product analytics to support the creation of business strategies that drive growth. * Exploring and testing new product initiatives to expand our reach. * Identifying gaps or opportunities in the market. * Work with the team to develop strategies for acquisition, retention of clients. * Continually improve upon both profitability and growth metrics. * A creative approach with a track record introducing new products or ideas. * Strong analytical skills with knowledge of strategic, economic, and financial analysis frameworks and models. * You will experiment and optimise campaigns to achieve target costs of acquisition, retention and lifetime value. * Embed the learnings from your experiments across the team and communicate more widely to DistilledSCH. * Graduate in Business & Economics, data science, engineering, maths preferred. * Will consider all levels from Graduate, to professionally qualified. Our Benefits. * Competitive salary in a dynamic and innovative work environment. * We help you plan for your future by offering 5% contribution towards your pension. * Peace of mind with life assurance and fully paid healthcare. * Focused career development and progression opportunities. * If you’re cycling or commuting, we’ve got you covered with the Cycle-to-Work and TaxSaver schemes. * Running lessons with a dedicated trainer, right from our office. * English lessons for any newcomers to Ireland. * We have Friday treats and a monthly buffet breakfast supplied by Urban Picnic. * We celebrate your Birthday with cake and successful probations with champagne! * MacBooks are our standard, but we’re happy to get you whatever equipment you need to reach your potential. * A great central location in the heart of Dublin city centre. * Our biggest benefit is our friendly and talented people! We are a diverse bunch of people in Distilled SCH and we want to continue to attract and retain a diverse range of people into our Company. Diversity and inclusion is high on our agenda. We do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, civil or family status, age, disability, or race. Our Distilled Values: 1.? We Have a Black Belt Mindset. * We believe in lifelong learning and strive for mastery of our craft. * We accept failure is a part success because we learn from it. * We accept we don't know all the answers, nevertheless,we will ?gure it out. * We are not protective of our knowledge and enjoy training others (and learning from others. * Second place is for our competitors. 2.? We Simplify Things. * We solve root causes, not symptoms. * We know that complexity kills speed and innovation. * We are curious and persistent. * We enjoy making the complex simple. * We see many things in our world everyday that can be improved through simpli?cation. * We believe that technology is at its most powerful when its use is e?ortlessly simple. 3.? We Make Things Happen. * We measure success by our output not our activity. * We improve things now, not next month, not next quarter. * While we need to understand root-causes, we don’t waste time stuck in analysis-paralysis, we are happy to take smart risks. * No matter our position, we take ownership of problems and are proactive about coming up with solutions. * We smartly separate what must be done well now and what can be improved later. 4.? We Collaborate. * Collaboration thrives in an environment where  feedback is welcomed and given regularly. * As collaborators, we focus more on team output, team glory & company glory instead of individual output & individual glory. * We are ego-less in the search for the best ideas. The best ideas often come from the newest recruits, from outside your team and from outside the company. * We treat people with respect independent of their status and we call out bad behaviour even if that person is more senior than us. * We admit mistakes - they are opportunities to learn and improve. * We don’t waste 3me assigning blame. * We make time to help colleagues - “That’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary. * “Thank you” is a powerful word and should be used often. 5.? We have Passion. * We care about the impact on our users daily lives & enjoy delivering solutions to their problems (both private & pro. * We relish the opportunity to work with other A players. * We celebrate wins. * Our passion is clearly visible in the quality of our products. * We welcome strong opinions anchored by evidence. * We inspire others with our passion – including people who don’t work here.

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