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Senior Manager For Apprenticeship Statistics, Assistant Principal Officer


Higher Education Authority Assigned To The National Apprenticeship Office




1.compile statistical information from the apprenticeship client services system (acss) which profile key outputs and outcomes and support responses to parliamentary questions and representations. 2. manage publication of a range of apprenticeship statistics to support the work of the national apprenticeship office and key stakeholders, including employers and education and training providers. 3. link data from the acss with other relevant administrative datasets, including from engagement with the central statistics office (cso), in areas that include the socio-economic profile of irish apprentices, labour market outcomes for the apprentice population, and the economic profile of apprenticeship employers. 4. support management and development of the acss with the it unit in solas and in liaison with the nao statistics unit. 5. work with key stakeholders (primarily senior training advisors in etbs) to enhance the quality of data held on the acss. 6. oversee development, implementation of and reporting from periodic surveys of apprentices, employers and other key stakeholders. for full job description and details on how to apply: closing date: 29/07/2022 23:59pm  please note that this advertisement is being hosted by the public appointments service on the public appointments service has no involvement in, or responsibility for, the recruitment and selection process or the terms and conditions which relate to this post.  .

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